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As Soon as There Is Justice

by Anti-Venöm

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A regular born, had no disease At the age of three, Dick rode a horse Fell down from it, break his bones Crushed his legs, broke his mind Once at school, he shitted his pants Everyone laugh, he started to cry Dumbest shit, who would have known? All that stuff has make him... mad! Now he drives an awful car, He have a job and no more plans, He feels superior, How inferior Just in mind that makes him sad To think about material stuff While he can‟t walk or fuck his mom This demonstrates how people are Just capital, no human mind!
We've just been reading, 'bout fancy and trends Blood, sex and violence like guns in our head This is not past time, or time in my youth Keep us invited on murder the truth! [Chorus:] As in my life I will spare! Moments of glory, not cash or death! Why don't we just kill ourselves? It doesn't matter were already dead! Policia, Policia with guns in our heads Washing their hands in the lies over death Why do ya keep just ignoring the truth? Don't ya turn over to pain or abuse! Ultra thin, money and fame! It doesn't matter, it's just shit Clothes plus hair, ipod touch, and endless summer in L.A. [Chorus] Why do people just pretend Believe in something that they hate! I tried myself to comprehend It doesn't matter is that way… Cuz today! We're dead!
Work class people will collapse as soon as they get home Alienated and segregated as if they were alone [Chorus:] No one cares, it's our fault Alienate, our lives Think about, misery There's no change, in ourselves Compromise, in my eyes Sacrifice, business lies All we need, right to be Not today, till we die Must fight back all this corruption, must fight back until we're done Against our leaders and our preachers cuz they don't think there's something wrong Finally, I think you get it, we're not here to change the world All we need is to be more humans, kill us all, save the world [Chorus] I hate your lies. You'll soon forget me I hate our time We need our extinction Be nice and die Some happy ending Or kill me at once I'll rest un-silenced We need our extinction [Chorus]
F C U K U 03:24
Buenos días all over the world And it's grown population where the sun gave up We're against aggravation, But we're still pro choice And we are doing all we can just to enlight more hope Finally come to set it right I hate morons I hate people and I won't deny Your bullshit has crossed the line And I won't stick to you, cuz I'm sick of being nice That doesn't get me anywhere I'm sick of being polite Cuz no more bullshit I will take Controlling up my mind Against this assholes in my way I think I'll fuck my life If I keep on do the same [Chorus:] All across the nations, so all across the globe What I'm telling to you people is Don't take shit from anyone Fight your right to your freedom Fight your right on what you know Don't let any stupid a-holes tell you what you‟re worth But now… just say Fuck you! There's plenty unpleasant people In this world today Politicians, aggravators, any kind of place They don't care, about your money, your religion or your face Cuz it really doesn't matter if you are black or gay They will steal you, they will kill you and then they'll beat up your grave Just remember there's two words that you'll eventually say You should use 'em nice and easy to the ones that deserve Cuz in every single language they work for the same [Chorus] Fuck You!
Misplace man with nowhere home Sacrificed all his belongins All that stuff we should forget, And those places we regret. No way out, of yer life Compromise is all we had. Honestly its time for me To let go all my beliefs Where ta sleep when I am gone It's my problem, I alone Don't believe in a thing. But existence makes it clear We are alone, in this world No where home when we're gone All this stuff makes us blind Misplace man, are you alive? Misplace man with nowhere home Sacrificed all his belongs. Compromise is all he had But existence makes him sad Nowhere home when were gone its my problem, I alone Honestly its time for me To move on and be just me!
And so… (Part 1) (I'm thinking about you) I'm thinking about you Sometimes I just think about The future that we both deny All those times we felt like won Are now surrounded by your lost Most of times, I figure out Can't help think we fell so down By my hatred or my hopes Hypocrisy, past of my love Here I am I'm thinking about you Here I'll be It's always about you Looking down the stage to all my friends again Nothing comes to me as I want it to be All these friends are gone and I'll still be alone While I drown in dope, fucking me by my own I can't believe it's five years now I can't recall when was last time Instead of all we could have been We never really met Here I am I'm thinking about you Be nice and recall softly All thing we never did And if my mind would listen I'll end this right and here Black clouds with angels on „em Will spread up my disease And if my mind would listen I'll end this right and here Sometimes I just think about The future that we both deny I'm thinking about you
Everybody says we should look for the answers Mientras la gente, está muriendo Why don't people care 'bout the world we all made? No les importa pasan de largo Profit by profit, compromises are in vain Such a disgusting hate, instead of equality Nothing but your money sacrifice to the state Our hypocrisy, your democracy Our lives are going nowhere I can't resist much longer why does it ever feels like this!? I'm so sick! Please blame us, be ashamed of all things we proudly broken Why does it ever feels like this!? So depressed! With so much to say. we can make our way I am trying, Keep the lying With so much to give, why we choose to live That's our nature, keep us hungry We'd never seemed to realize, that we're the ones that made this all Please just give us another chance, we're lying to ourselves Lying to ourselves
Midtro 01:24
I hate my country, I hate the scene I hate the bullshit that's within I bet some people laugh about But guess what a-hole you're inside Don't get my point, let me explain In five long years with no interest Sometimes I wished to just quit play And then again I'm still the same For more and more you block the scene And all the people lies within But guess what fucks this is the end I'm like big news for you in hell (I'm Trying) I can't believe That no one cares This is our place Go straight to hell I'm trying I know u think I'm telling lies “Please god, make him just go and die” But guess what fucks I'm here to stay In your small room of third world state There's people out Who cares the most About what's good and what is not I'm here to stay, go tell your friends That I will end this dumb nightmare (yeah, I know It's four o'clock and) (I've been missing you so bad) (But now the time for me) (To be free by my own) (Forgive me with this song)
12 02:10
[Chorus:] Every time I try, take a look inside the stars I should take a deep breathe 'cause I'm missing someone Someone I am not, and its someone I don't care Cuz you shouldn't have regrets, cuz you shouldn't have regrets All my life, I've been living by the edge I've been having my mistakes, I've been missing older days All my life, we've been holding like snakes, holding like snakes When I think another places, when I think another place All these times we should have know We should have known, should have known It's not that bad, it's not last time But, Please god sake Give me one more chance [Chorus] All my tries, I prove in to my eyes I should take a deep breathe, take a deep breathe All my life, we've been holding like snakes, When I think another place, think another place All my life is said and done Cuz now it's gone, now it's gone You shouldn't back, shouldn't back You should have known Should have known this time Give me, give me another day to feel the so… sorrow
I look at you, can't pretend you're doomed Instead of try, all you do is loose Why can't you try, open up your eyes Just look around, catch a world that dies I cannot see I can't believe This is my fault Please let me go This is a world called business And we're just trade market systems Buy and consume our perfection Trying to get approbation Fragile lies, on your mind Break the ice, think just twice Buy some more, nothing last Compromise our genocide What is that, give me some It's like sex, I want more Sweaty and dumb Feeling down Honestly this is my fault I can't believe this is something irritating Sometimes I wish I could be the one that bails me I cannot live if this drug consume just hates me But in my hand it‟s the portion of my candy I can't believe, this is it I Want more, give me some It's like sex, but far worse All this sounds feels like dope!
Can't Say 02:19
Dancing and whining your hypocrisy Son you'll feel better, soon you'll feel harder I just don't know what you think of me It doesn't bother, it doesn't matter All the times when I talk about I cannot stand it, I cannot look you All the times when I walk around It doesn't matter, it's… Harder to say! Forgiveness! Forgive me it's what you said You shouldn't be this luck But all the times I try We step in silence But if you look around And listen to myself All the times I tried None of us can't say None of us can't say Can't say, nothing Harder to say!
I think I have a drinking problem Alcohol, won't do on me I'm just sick of being sober I'm just sick of apathy If I could find a new addiction One new drug or coke for me That would mean the stars to me In this third world ass country I hate my life! Don't get me wrong I don't drink cuz I'm alone I'm addicted to stupidity Ha, ha, ha! I need to destroy all my thinking cells Cuz it makes me feel much better Ah, ah, ah! Pick it up yo! Here we go again! Ignorant piece of shit Comprehend that this is it Drink alone, get fucked up I don't care if you're in dope Fuck my life, fuck my life Tell my mom I hate her so Let me be, let me stay away from… What the fuck I'm saying?!
Propagandha 02:36
Crack rocksteady super killer Instead of being cooler Ripping of ideas K.I.A. Instead of being mías Look around while there's nobody Please take my life somebody Making up excuses about it We never hurt somebody [Chorus:] Propaganda, rising up from ashes All the media, freaking reaping monsters Fucking zombies, crawl as they're not talking Why do people steal? Why do people kill? Nothing comes to mind as I write these words Nothing comes to mind as I sing this song Am I fucked up now? want a reason why? All the things I dreamed will never come to life… This isn't just a test, this is the real deal While all your friends are death, the others take a pill! Just take a look around, seems like you're now surround By an army of death, controlled by the man Please try to remain calm, don‟t think that you'll be death Just think, you have a mind, instead of being scared [Chorus]
MC=Genocide 03:13
Market crash means genocide Be sure that people is gonna die They tried their best, die like the rest In your commercial ghost affair [Chorus:] While you are whining people is dying but ya keep on believe in shit In our world there's no place left to speak off high with no regrets Nothing but yer nation state Will kill us all with no regrets Your business trades Are filled with hate dividing all, no hope for man [Chorus] While people is dying, your pockets get fatter We need a way to compromise, all that were losing We need to start our own device, fighting for freedom No stand back, no stand back, that's why we're still fighting
I wanna see Satan, killing some bad cops In the name of communism above the laws of god When I think about the future, when I think about today All I see is hate, oppression by the hands of our state I'm a poet, no religion and neoliberals are fucked What they talk about our freedom, it's just greed, consume and worse Please don't think I'm a commie, anarchist of pro state I just sing about depression and some things must be said [Chorus:] Give me something Burn down yourself Hate and despair To your state Please excuse me, I'm a dumb ass, I just sing about my world I just did 4 years in college, now my brain is fucked up If I didn't hurt your feelings, that's not me it is my clone Cuz I'm usually a big a-hole to the people that I love [Chorus]
Midnight to six man For the first time from Jamaica Dillinger and Leroy Smart Delroy Wilson, your cool operator Ken Boothe for UK pop reggae With backing bands sound systems And if they've got anything to say There's many black ears here to listen But it was Four Tops all night with encores from stage right Charging from the bass knives to the treble But onstage they ain't got no roots rock rebel Onstage they ain't got no...roots rock rebel Dress back jump back this is a bluebeat attack 'cause it won't get you anywhere Fooling with your guns The British Army is waiting out there An' it weighs fifteen hundred tons White youth, black youth Better find another solution Why not phone up Robin Hood And ask him for some wealth distribution Punk rockers in Mexico They won't notice anyway They're all too busy fighting For a good place under the lighting The new groups are not concerned With what there is to be learned They got Famous shirts , ha you think it's funny Turning rebellion into money All over people changing their votes Along with their overcoats If Adolf Hitler flew in today They'd send a limousine anyway I'm the all night drug-prowling wolf Who looks so sick in the sun I'm the white man in the Palais Just lookin' for fun I'm only Looking for fun


Riot Ska Records 2010, Debut Full Lenght by Anti-Venöm!


released December 27, 2010


all rights reserved



Anti-Venöm Ciudad De México, Mexico

Anti-Venöm is a studio one-man-band and a three-piece punk rock live band from Mexico City, created by Armando Razo in 2008. AV was the first Mexican band signed by the Riot Ska Records from the UK. Their sound is a mix between lo-fi punk rock, 80’s synthesizers, Ska, Reggae, Crust and Hip Hop. ... more

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